The Kole’Gear Advantage

Why Kole’Gear water packs are the best for racers.

  • Pump free bladder stays pressurized
  • Hands free tube mount clip
  • No suck bite valve design

Many hydration packs seem similar at first glance, but it’s the heart of the Kole’Gear system that gives it a clear advantage to racers and competition athletes. 

The heart of the KoleGear Hydration System is it’s simple but innovative bladder design. Once filled, the food grade latex bladder applies constant pressure to the system. This compact system stays pressurized until the last sips, offering a key win for this configuration. 

Why is this important? At the peak of competition, your whole body in motion and breathing at its max - there are a few things you cannot do. #1 stop moving to pump your hydration bladder. #2 stop breathing to suck.