Steve Cole wins Men’s Masters Namolokama OC1 race!

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Steve Cole wins Men’s Masters Namolokama OC1 race!

Photo: Overall top finishers; Brian Carter of Wailua, Tyrus Siale of Kapa‘a, Steve Cole of Hanalei, Kristin Foster of Wainiha with Tiger Lily of Hanalei and Mark Frazier, Kilauea.

Nearly 40 canoes participated in Namolokama Canoe Club’s First Annual OC1 Kalihiwai to Hanalei race this Sunday, June the 8th. This was a great race although no wind or waves, but good food!

The course from Kalihiwai to Hanalei was particularly tough in the hot, windless conditions, unusual for Kauai’s North Shore. Brett Deblin of Namolokama muscled it out for first overall and Hanalei’s Laura Anderson proved unbeatable in the women’s division. Five OC2 canoes battled down the coast with the strong team of Laurie and Ken Denton reigning victorious. Complete results follow. The race venue began with a gathering and pule in Kalihiwai. Three escort boats followed competitors down the rocky coastline and the race ended by the pier in Hanalei. The competition was followed by an award ceremony and lunch at the Hanalei Pavilion with enjoyable time had by all. Paddlers of one and two person outrigger canoes typically favor conditions with brisk winds and waves to ride. Without the North Shore’s usual trade winds and North East bumps on Sunday, Namolokama’s race proved to be a competition of strength and paddling technique. Along with many of Kauai’s one-man racing circuit veterans, several new paddlers also joined the competition, adding to the burgeoning sport of OC1 and OC2 canoeing. This sport not only growing in Hawaii but competitions are popping up throughout the world as seen by the international participants at Kauai?s World Challenge in April. As competitors and friends sat down to the onolicious lunch following the race, the Hokule’a sailed into Hanalei Bay – a poignant reminder of the roots of Polynesian outrigger canoeing.

Next on Kauai’s outrigger race schedule is Niumalu Canoe Club’s six man canoe race along the same beautiful coastline next Saturday, June 14th, starting at 9:00 AM in Hanalei Bay. All canoe clubs are welcome to join in the competition and spectators should enjoy the festivities.


  • 1st Bret Deblin, Namolokama 52:08 1st Laura Anderson, Hanalei 59:54
  • 2nd Mark Frazier, Namolokama 52:18 2nd Christine Bandsma, Niumalu 101:39
  • 3rd Luke Evslin, Kaioloa 54:04 3rd Sara Deblin, Namolokama 103:43


  • 1st Steve Cole, Namolokama 52:17 1st Midge Horwood, Puuwai 100:37
  • 2nd Marshall MacCreddy, Kaiola 53:15 2nd Katy Otsuji, Kaiola 101:40
  • 3rd Tom Grubbe, Niumalu 57:01 3rd Marcia King, Hanalei 103: 44


  • 1st Lance Laney, Namolokama 54:24 1st Mary Bartlett, Namolokama 101:23
  • 2nd Gene Lopez, Namolokama 54:42 2nd Laola Lake, Namolokama 108: 02
  • 3rd Mick Callahan, Namolokama 55:53 3rd Joy Chow, Namolokama 108:37

1st OC2 MIX

  • Laurie & Ken Denton Koloa 51:25

1st OC2 MEN

  • Men Joe & Bill Evslin Kaiola 58:33


  • Dawn Gates & Franny Acoba Kaiola 56:58